Tennesseans to vote on new license plate design

Pick your favorite license plate design | Photo via TN.gov

It’s out with the old + in with the new for Tennessee license plates. That’s right, we’re getting a new state license plate design, so if you love the one you have, start saying your goodbyes, and if you can’t wait to see something fresh, you’re in luck.

Not only are Tennesseans getting a new design to sport on their cars, they also get to vote on the design they like the most.

Back up, why are we getting a new design?

Under state law, if the funds are approved in the General Assembly’s annual budget, the license plate is redesigned every 8 years. The new design will fully replace the current plate.

“As Tennessee celebrates 225 years of statehood, it’s a perfect time to redesign our license plate and feature the Tri-Star that represents each of our state’s unique grand divisions,” Gov. Bill Lee said.

The designs

Tennessee statute requires the display of the following on state license plates:

  • “Tennessee”
  • “Volunteer State”
  • TNvacation.com” 
  • The county name and expiration year decal locations
  • That Tennesseans have an “In God We Trust” plate option


If you want a say in the new license plate design, you can cast your vote through Mon., Sept. 27.

The winning design will be announced in late fall + available to the public in January 2022.