#Asked: What financial questions should TVFCU answer in its new YouTube series?

Jed Mescon of TVFCU
Jed Mescon of Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union in TVFCU’s new financial literacy video series | Video by TVFCU

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Thanks for coming to my JED Talk. (Jed Mescon, Community Relations Coordinator at Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, that is.)

In a new series of short, easy-to-digest YouTube videos, TVFCU is breaking down financial topics + demystifying everything from investing to what differentiates credit unions from banks. They’re just getting started with the series, and they want your input. 

What finance questions do you have that these local pros can answer?

To get you thinking, here’s a rundown of what financial FAQs have been covered so far:


Interplanetary Teleportation Machines? Independent Taco Manufacturers? Intellectual TikTok Moms? Nope – in the financial world, ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machines, which allow users to virtually communicate with a live teller Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Learn more. 

Youtube video screenshot
TVFCU’s Albert Georgekutty explaining the perks of an ITM | Image via YouTube

Needs vs. wants:

Attaining financial security takes work, and it hinges on savings. Here are some helpful tips on how to identify personal needs + start building up an emergency fund.

Business services:

How do I put together a business plan? How do I get a business loan? Learn how TVFCU partners with local entrepreneurs, helps connect them with investors + more.

Banks vs. credit unions:

What’s the difference, really? From members being owners to lower rates on loans, here are some of the benefits of credit union membership.


While savings are secure, investing can be risky + yield greater return. In this video, TVFCU explains the difference between loaned investments and owned investments.

What other financial topics are you curious about? Let us know below.