The DIY Designer: 5 things you can do this weekend to tame the clutter and organize your home

Authored By rainonatinroofblog

With the beginning of a new year often comes the need to declutter and organize our homes. Here are five things you can do this weekend to start taming the clutter and better organize your home. 

Create color-coded organization.
Head to the Dollar Tree and buy some bins. Assign a color or color combination to each member of your family and then paint one of the colors on each bin. Put the bins in a central location in your home. This is where each family member can toss those random objects that all too often clutter up your kitchen, living room and other common areas. At the end of each week, have each family member take their bin to their room and put the contents away where they go. Get more information on this idea here.

Build or hang some shelving.
One thing that can drastically help reduce clutter and help organize your home is to build or hang some shelving anywhere you can. You can use this tutorial to build some wall-to-wall shelves that are great in bathrooms, playrooms and offices. This is an easy project that even the beginning DIYer can tackle. If you have some metal baskets, you can mount those to the wall to act as shelves, as well. I’ve used these before to hold cookbooks in my kitchen, but they would also be great for a kid’s room to hold small toys and bathrooms to hold extra toilet paper. Find the tutorial for hanging them here.

Tame the clutter room by room.
Use the free printable found here to start clearing out the clutter room by room, one day at a time.

Create a cleaning closet.
Wrangle all your cleaning supplies in one place by creating a cleaning closet. Use an over-the-door shoe rack to hold all your cleaning bottles. See my cleaning closet here.

Buy bins, bins and more bins.
While you’re at the Dollar Tree, go ahead and pick up variously sized bins and containers. I use them to organize my craft supplies, bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinet drawers. See how here.

Do you have any clutter and organization tips?    

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