The DIY Designer: Barn door picnic table

Authored By rainonatinroofblog

We have had this barn door in our garage for a couple of years now. I’ve used it to make a photo collage for the kid’s birthday, but other than that, it has sat there. Untouched.

I just always hung on to it because I knew I would figure out what to do with it at some point and because it was from my great-grandfather’s barn.

My husband finally came up with a brilliant idea for it. I’m not sure if the idea was born out of sheer genius or just from being tired of looking at the door.

Either way, I’ll take it, because I am quite fond of this new barn door picnic table of ours.

To make the door into a picnic table, all we did was make a base for the door to sit atop. The base is made out of pressure-treated 2-by-6 wood. We spent less than $50 on all the materials and supplies to make the base. That’s a lot cheaper than what you can buy a new picnic table for. You can see the full tutorial on how we made the base here.

After the base was completed and the door attached on top, I stained the legs with spray stain. It’s my favorite way to stain anything that is outside because it’s so easy to use. It’s what I used on my mailbox makeover and the lattice around my porch.

To make sure the barn door kept its rustic character, I topped it off with a clear coat of Thompson’s Advanced WaterSeal. It made it slightly darker but didn’t stain it.

We may build a couple of benches for it one day, but right now, we just plan on pulling chairs up to it.

I love that the barn door is now much more functional for us and that we have a piece to gather around that’s so full of history.

What have you repurposed before?

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