The DIY Designer: Dress up your bulletin board


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“Trash” is most definitely a relative word.

I may or may not be the creepy lady stalking her neighbors as they take trash out to make sure they aren’t throwing something away I may want.

A similar occurrence as mentioned above may or may not have happened just last night.

And since I may or may not have a fondness for what others consider trash, I am stoked about the new Trash to Treasure Series on my blog.

For my trash to treasure project this month, I took a bulletin board my husband was going to toss and covered it in fabric.

But Jenna, this is nothing new, you say.

Fabric-covered message boards are everywhere.

Well, mine is slightly different. If you look closely, you will see it is a “sassy” fabric-covered message board. All the pictures on it have some sassy sayings that give me a little smile each time I pass by it.

This project was simple! More detailed images are on the original post at my blog.

First, I cut my fabric a little bigger than my board. Then, I fired up the hot glue gun and ran hot glue around the front of the board where the cork and frame meet, then quickly pushed the fabric into that crevice.

After that, I just hot glued the fabric along the back to secure it.

That fabulous gold hardware in the corners is just a four-pack of “L” brackets that I spray painted gold and then screwed in the corners. It gave the board a campaign-style feel.

Oh, and those fantastic little golden animal pushpins-they are simply plastic animals I picked up at a yard sale, spray painted and then hot glued to tacks.

Head over to my blog to see the full tutorial with detailed images and to check out some of those sassy little pictures. I may just tell you where you can get your own sassy pictures.

There are also lots more quick little craft ideas at my DIY project gallery.

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