The Local: Chattanooga rapper Coogi Doogi shares some favorite tracks

Authored By pitulah

Chattanooga hip-hop artist Coogi Doogi (AKA William Jones-Odum) believes that experience and influence dictate the way our lives grow around us. We’re not entirely bound by those aspects of our lives, but they certainly mold the way we view things. Over the past few years, Coogi has released numerous singles, videos and even a fashion line called Audi Boyz. His ambition is limited only by his imagination in terms of the projects he begins and those he sees coming in the future.

From diss responses about Chattanooga to his work with Tennessee native Project Pat, he’s continually pushed himself in how he approaches his music and the ways it touches on local and national events. He doesn’t shy away from discussing topics that feel as though they’re riding the pulse of an agitated nation, but he does so in a way that’s less inflammatory and more exploratory, as he tries to find purpose behind everything going on around him.

I briefly spoke with Coogi about some of the origins and influences of his music, and he chose a few songs to single out below. And be sure to keep an eye out for both “Rare Coogi” and “Hood Famous,” two upcoming projects from him that are set to drop in the near future.

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