The Local: Savage Rotchie reveals vicious authenticity on new song

Authored By pitulah

Within the expansive realm of hip-hip in Chattanooga, there are individual scenes that focus on different aspects of the genre. Some artists are more socially minded, some are irreverent, and some document the dark recesses of their own headspace. Other musicians, however, evince a swagger and bravado known to inhabit these beat-driven waters. For Savage Rotchie, this ragged braggadocio contains far more than just a casual ego-stroking verisimilitude-it relates to an entire world of intent and motivations.

His past work involves limber beats, trilling melodies and a caustic lyrical truth; but ever the evolving artist, Rotchie has spent the past few years refining and redefining his potent brew of verbose authenticity. On his latest single, “Intro,” which is the lead-in track of his forthcoming record, “The Wake Up” (due out Feb. 8), Rotchie explodes like an atomic bomb, scattering blunt truths and musical fallout for miles in all directions.

His voice cuts through the sea of noise around him, delivering a rough and righteous vindication of his life and the hard experiences that have shaped his outlook. He has no time for people who lack the courage to take action on their convictions and openly dismisses those without the nerve to stand up straight despite adversity. Beats throb and pulsate in the background while synths and chiming flourishes embellish an already-impressive rhythmic foundation. Lean and lithe, though weighed down with massive inspiration, “Intro” is the perfect initiation for those unfamiliar with Rotchie’s vicious verbiage and ruthless determination.

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