Try This: Go on a Chattanooga van adventure with Nomad Be Happy

Photo of Trista and Brianna standing in front of a van that features the image of a night sky with stars and dark trees.
Our cozy home away from home for the night | Photo via NOOGAtoday

Over the weekend, City Editors Trista and Brianna temporarily took part in #vanlife, thanks to local van rental company Nomad Be Happy. For both the adventurous, outdoorsy Chattanoogans + the ones who just wear Chacos and call it day, this van experience is definitely fun for everyone. 🏕️


Going on a local adventure + camping in a Nomad Be Happy van

What we tried

We started off by driving the van to the Chattanooga Market, grocery store, and Rock Creek to grab some groceries and trip necessities (aka, vegan hot dogs and marshmallows). We drove around some of the Scenic City’s most scenic spots — like the Raccoon Mountain Reservoir Loop — and picnicked in nature before heading to our campground at Prentice Cooper State Forest. Pricing for a rental ranges from $175-$225 per night

Pro Tip: All rental inquiries are returned with a personal email from someone at Nomad Be Happy, so be sure that you’re checking the spam folder in case your response ends up there.

Don’t miss

The swag bag that comes with every van rental — the waterproof bag itself is cool enough, but it’s also filled with local goodies, from Hoff sauce and Brewski beer to Goodman Coffee beans and Naked River jerky. 

Bonus: the van also includes a coffee bean grinder, electric kettle, and french press, so you can enjoy those local coffee beans in the morning while camping.

What we’re still talking about

1 reason we don’t go camping as often as we’d like to is because sometimes, it feels like the preparation takes longer than the camping trip itself. What’s so great about the van (besides getting to sleep on an actual mattress) is that it includes practically everything you could ever need: bowls, plates, and silverware? Check. First aid kit? Of course. Sheets and blankets? Yep. A fold-up table that can also function as a grill? They’ve got it covered. There’s even a travel hammock included to set up wherever you may find yourself.