Under new ownership, Shooter’s Supply aims to be more family-friendly

Authored By chloe.morrison

Gun store and indoor range Shooter’s Supply has new owners who have renovated the building and added new inventory. 

“We are a family-owned and -operated shop, and we are catering to the family,” new co-owner Larry Hopper said. 

Hopper and his daughter own and operate the store. They got a small business loan and invested about $1 million to buy the building and all its contents.

They’ve also revamped the building, added new inventory and improved the shooting range, Hopper said. 

Fast facts 

-Memberships for the shooting range cost $150 a year for one person and $250 for a family. 

-There’s also a limited membership that costs $25 a year and $10 every time the person comes to practice. 

-The store currently has about 150 members and is growing. 

Shooter’s Supply also does transfers for anyone who buys a gun online. Guns must be mailed to a dealer, who can do a background check on the gun. 

-There’s a grand opening event scheduled for March 5. There will be discounts, prizes, water guns for kids and popcorn. 

They sell guns, ammunition and gear, as well as memberships to use the 12-lane shooting range, which has a lobby, classroom, locker room and viewing area. On a regular basis, they offer carry permit classes, which is an eight-hour session required prior to applying for your handgun permit, Hopper said. 

The class is a good place to start for anyone who isn’t familiar with guns, he said. The class includes five hours of classroom training, including information about the different types of handguns and gun laws. There’s three hours of range training.

“It’s not unusual for about half [of the people] in our classes to have never fired a handgun before they take that class,” Hopper said. “Probably the largest percentage [of participants] is female right now.”

Women are a large part of the business right now, but as word about the new ownership is getting out, a wide range of customers is coming to the store, Hopper said.  

“People are concerned with the way things are going,” he said. “They are concerned for their safety, and we are getting all kinds of people that are looking to protect themselves in very scary times.”

The store also has a laser range for children that the Hoppers are developing to make the business more family-friendly.

The previous owner, Carl Poston, only allowed people 18 years and older to come. 

And the Hoppers also allow long guns in the range with pistol calibers only. Ten-year-olds can practice shooting long guns and 12-year-olds can use handguns at the range with parental supervision. 

“It’s a great thing-we get teenagers with their parents,” Hopper said. “It’s an environment where it demands respect on the part of the younger person. We see that all the time. They know this is a serious thing and they know that learning it the correct way is the only responsible way to do it.”

Hopper has been interested in guns his entire life and previously worked in the construction industry, which took a hit during the recession. 

Poston is now a tenant of the building and sells Tennessee Protective Services uniforms and accessories. 

“This was an opportunity to move into something new, and the previous owner was a friend of mine,” he said. “He was getting ready to retire and I was looking for a job, so this was a good match for the two of us.”