Volkswagen files petition to stop UAW organization of maintenance employees

Authored By chloe.morrison

Volkswagen officials have filed a “statement of position” with the regional National Labor Relations Board in an effort to stop the United Auto Workers union from organization of maintenance employees.

Volkswagen said in a prepared statement:

While the company remains neutral in regards to our employees’ right to representation and an election, we believe that the maintenance-only unit requested in the petition is not consistent with our “one team” approach at Volkswagen Chattanooga, our production system and organization design, nor long-established NLRB law. Given these points, we have asked the region to decline the union’s petitioned maintenance-only unit in favor of a unit and election that would include all maintenance and production employees.

United Auto Workers Local 42 recently filed a petition with the NLRB seeking an election in hopes of representing maintenance employees at Volkswagen Chattanooga and ultimately gaining collective bargaining powers. 

The petition sought to have a Nov. 5-6 election in which about 160 maintenance employees would participate. The entire plant has about 2,500 employees. 

There’s a hearing this morning on the issue of whether an election with only maintenance workers should be allowed.  

And an NLRB official also said that a hearing before an election is common procedure.