Watch: 5 possible UFO sightings in Chattanooga


Authored By seanphippster

In late January, a collection of previously classified documents on UFO sightings from 1952 to 1970 were made easily searchable by a website called The Black Vault.

And while the Project Blue Book files are available through a Freedom of Information Act request, the searchable database has since been removed from The Black Vault website because of a copyright claim by Click here to read more.

While it was online, I spent several hours searching through the archives while listening to the soundtrack from “The X-Files.” Only a few of the Chattanooga reports were of any interest historically. However, some of the reports were jarring not because of the incidents but the responses to those incidents from government officials.

One in particular dismissed an elderly woman’s 1959 claim that her observation from Missionary Ridge was nothing more than a routine weather balloon. 

Fortunately, The Black Vault still maintains a searchable archive of more recent documents and UFO cases for our research.

In order to find the good stuff, you have to search YouTube. The following accounts are videos of supposed UFO activity in the Chattanooga region. You may draw your own conclusions, but I encourage you to keep an open mind as you watch the videos. 

Have you ever seen a UFO? Do you believe that aliens are visiting us? Or that the government agencies are keeping secrets? Are you scared? Are you willing to be probed?

The Hixson triangle
At approximately 10:55 p.m. EST Feb. 27, 2014, a man was observing the sky in Hixson when he noticed something strange. According to a testimony, the man saw “an unlighted, triangular-shaped object glide across the night sky.” He mentioned no sound and said the object remained for 12 seconds before disappearing. As a longtime observer of the sky, the man had never seen anything like it before or since. He promises it was not a plane or bird. No further information is available. There is no video of the account, but you can imagine this was similar to the 2009 Phoenix lights.

  • Possible cause: Bird or plane

The amber UFO
This is video from a man observing what he calls an “amber, reddish UFO” over his apartment complex in Chattanooga. The light appears to hover and flash above the tree line for over 60 seconds. Click here to watch the video. The date of the video is Feb. 4, 2012, but the man says the date is Feb. 5 within the video. More interesting, perhaps, are the comments from other people who claim to have seen a similar light. It should be noted that this user also posted a video called “More UFOs over Chattanooga” in which he is seen releasing weather balloons and observing them as if they were UFOs.

  • Possible cause: Weather balloon

Chinese drone or UFO?
This incident is particularly difficult to understand, not because of the quality of the video but because of the irritating voices of the narrators and the fact the video was recorded vertically. A light, similar to the one in the videos above, appears over a row of houses. The gentlemen (and I shudder to use that word) speak to the UFO as if it can hear them. “Hey, UFO!” one of them says. “Goodbye, UFO,” they say as it disappears into the horizon. Also curious was the comment from a third party on the scene that the UFO was, in fact, a “Chinese drone.” Click here to view the video.

  • Possible cause: Chinese drone

The Walmart sighting
A woman claims to have been on her way to Walmart on Jan. 16, 2015, when she observed and documented a ball of light in the night sky. For nearly five minutes, the ball of light is visible in the video. It seems to change from a bright, glowing green to a dark red color. The woman recording the video does not make a sound, perhaps because she is terrified a flash of light may bring her onto the vessel. Click here to view the video.

  • Possible cause: I don’t know. Gas?

Ringgold tornado UFO
In this very dramatic video, a tour of tornado damage in the Ringgold area causes even more concern. At the one-minute mark of the video, the footage slows down and begins panning slowly across the field of view. A small, bug-sized black splotch appears. The video seems to zero in on the grainy object. Is this evidence that UFOs were present following the devastation of the 2011 tornadoes? Or, to go further, might this video be evidence of the presence of sky people?

  • Possible cause: Sky people

This column, in particular, is 100 percent satire and/or absurd, nonsensical ramblings from a completely strange individual. Realize this before you get too upset. The opinions expressed in this column belong solely to the author, not or its employees.