Watch This: Gold Light shares new video for “True Love Never Dies” (Nooga premiere)

Authored By pitulah

Asheville, N.C., indie rock outfit Gold Light (the moniker of producer/songwriter Joe Chang) is gearing up for the release of its self-titled debut album March 11 via Hearts & Plugs Records. Having paid his dues in bands like The Neapolitan Children, Kovacs and the Polar Bear and Single Engine Airplane, Chang has spent the last decade writing, recording and releasing music under various musical guises.

Combining a love of classic ’50s rock ‘n’ roll with the cinematic possibilities of music-he dropped out of film school to focus on his musical career-his latest moniker, Gold Light, finds Chang dropping the more abstract and surreal touches that marked his previous work and adopting a more straightforward approach to his material. Tracking through tales of heartache, love and loss while using artists such as Roy Orbison and Bruce Springsteen as inspiration, Gold Light becomes a catchall for Chang’s prismatic take on American music.

With nods to garage rock, pop and doo-wop, Gold Light’s recent single, “True Love Never Dies,” combines chiming guitars, a shuffling beat and Chang’s own distinctive voice into something that resembles a bit of musical antiquity-or as much as the ’50s pop sound of artists like Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran can be filtered through a modern indie rock sensibility without losing its inherent personality. And it’s in this rhythmic dichotomy that his talents as composer and producer really shine; he knows the exact balance between modern and classic pop aesthetics and can easily bridge the decades between them.

In the song’s companion video, Chang takes the reins and handles the direction, editing and filming of the clip himself-this is where his film background obviously rears its head. Following a day in the life of a singing telegram courier, the video provides a ride-along as the courier delivers messages to different people (always accompanied by his trio of background singers, of course). Eventually, we’re given quick glimpses of happy couples and the reassurance that “true love never dies.” Playing more like a mini-movie than a thrown-together music video, Chang injects these scenes with a naiveté and an honest, heart-on-sleeve attitude that are as joyous as they are infectious.

Stream the video/audio for “True Love Never Dies” below.

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