Watch This: Nick Lutsko shares video for “By & By”

Authored By pitulah

Chattanooga musician Nick Lutsko creates music that skips over genres like a stone skipping over the surface of a pond. It only touches briefly in one spot before quickly shuffling on to the next rhythmic movement.

Although his earlier work had more of a folk and acoustic-based sound, with the release of his latest record, “Etc.,” he’s shifted his musical focus and adopted a more eccentric musical palette. Wobbly bass lines, zigzagging guitar lines and the occasional bits of electronic noise have replaced the bucolic calm that permeated his previous songs, leading him to fashion a more varied approach to his musical influences.

For the video to his latest single, “By & By,” Lutsko once again brings out the puppets. Accompanied by people dancing in colorful costumes, Lutsko does his best to keep up with this rhythmic wave of felt and music. The track is more minimal in terms of its construction than some of the other songs on the record, but it manages to find a perfect balance between the slithering electronic jolts that speed through its length and the motorik beat that holds it up.

Directed and edited by Harris Oates, the video is the perfect blend of irreverent and ecstatic, appealing to our individual nostalgia for these Muppet lookalikes and a general love of all things puppet. Who doesn’t love watching people in full-body costumes dancing around and singing? Lutsko also breaks out some moves to keep in step with them, giving the video an almost-manic feel and providing the proper platform for the music. If you’re looking for a video that feels like the characters from “Sesame Street” stumbled onto a bag of psychotropics, Lutsko has got just the thing for you.

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