Things to be thankful for in Chattanooga, TN

Happy Thanksgiving, Nooga. | NOOGAtoday

Happy Thanksgiving, Nooga. 🦃

Today, we’re taking some time to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for. You, our readers, are at the top of our list. We’re grateful for the chance to wake up every day + talk about this wonderful city with you.

Last week, we asked what about our city you’re thankful for this year. To celebrate Turkey Day, we wanted to share some of your answers.

“I am grateful during these difficult times for the people of Hamilton County, their support has been so helpful during this difficult year. We are grateful for the way businesses have figured out inventive ways to continue operating despite the pandemic. We are grateful for new and creative ways people have dealt with the coronavirus. I am so thankful for our Hamilton County Health Department and all of our healthcare heroes who work tirelessly to help protect  our health in these troubled times. We are very thankful to Dr. Bryan Johnson for his leadership and his continuing efforts to allow our students to return and remain in classrooms so they can maintain some semblance of normalcy. Finally I am grateful to know that we will begin distribution of the vaccine in the near future and that a year from now we can celebrate Thanksgiving in the manner we are used to.” — Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger

“Bike trails, great coffee, new foods. I biked as often as I could all summer long and spied deer (and wild turkey) along the road by Moccasin Bend. Raccoon Mountain also became a favorite spot to bike. I got hooked on the smoked salmon salad at Riverstreet Deli, hit up Pizzeria Cortile on Sunday family night, and masked up and bought as much coffee as I could to support Peet’s. I am grateful that Onsight Fitness was able to re-open. And, honestly, my co-workers at the Chattanooga Chamber. They have made this time period in our lives easier to handle through their smiles, their positive approach and their deep caring for the people in our community. Really.” — Sybil T.

“This wild year gave us a great interest rate on buying our first home, moving our little family from Memphis to the mountains. @twerkanbrack and I also got married over the summer on top of Lookout ✨” — @mtnmama___

“Picnic tables along the River Walk that have served as safe outdoor eating spaces after picking up takeout from one of our many wonderful restaurants. This has allowed me to keep connected with friends and family without increased risk of COVID.” — Beverly H.

“We are thankful for our partnership with @heschatt & @petplacementcenter that has allowed us to adopt out 500 rescue cats and become the #1 cat cafe in the country! #CATTANOOGA 😻🔥” — @naughtycatcafe

“I am thankful for so many things- the river; the multitude of hiking trails; the clean air; our friendly neighbors. And, we look forward to the day when we can fully enjoy the many shops and restaurants in and around downtown!” — Angela C.

“Got engaged on the Walnut Street Bridge in March. Chattanooga will always be special to us!” — @kmoorern86

“I am thankful to live in a community that will eliminate the homework gap by connecting all children who qualify for free and reduced lunch to home internet access.” — Deb S.

“I’m thankful that a Trader Joe’s is coming to Chattanooga!” — Colby W.

“Not really the answer you want, but I’m eternally thankful for my dad and stepmom who live there. (I grew up there but live in NOLA.) And I am grateful for the kindness and just wonderful spirit of so many businesses there. I was supposed to be getting married in Chattanooga this December, and everyone we were working with was amazing. We ended up having to postpone, and everyone has been so kind. The Sugar Shoppe, Apron Strings, Bobby Pinning Studio, Bud Florals & Home, and everyone. But I’ve been through so much lately, so I’m the most thankful, as I said, for my parents because they’ve been so supportive through everything.” — @strange__behavior (PS: This is exactly what we wanted.)

“We are thankful for YOU, NOOGAtoday! Thank you for all you do!” — @newschannelnine

“Crabtree Farm who supplied fresh produce and through their on-line plant sales, gave us gardening opportunities in spite of the pandemic” — David G.

“We are grateful for the Chattanooga Small Business Development Center guiding us through the maze of funding and programs so we could continue on after a very rough spring. We are also grateful for @visitchatt for the work they do to promote tourism here.” @beesonabicycle

“Green spaces” — Erik L.

“McCallie School and the view from the top of the Incline” — Hilda J.

“Red Bank. All of the Service people, brush men, garbage men, Police and Firemen are so very nice and helpful. I appreciate all of them.” — Johnnie T.

“I’m thankful for the Humane Educational Society’s upcoming move into their beautiful new shelter. This clean and safe space will benefit homeless animals and the community for many years to come.” — Kelsey C.

“Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my family moving here from Louisiana. I’m thankful for this newsletter because making new friends during a pandemic is super hard and reading this email every morning has helped my family stay connected in a way we otherwise couldn’t have been. ❤️” — Jennifer C.

“I’m thankful that Chattanooga is the ‘Scenic City’ because that has made it easier to social distance, while still exploring beautiful areas. Just in the last month, my husband and I have hiked around Lookout Mountain, Signal Point and Snoopers Rock!” — Rebecca H.

“Made the move to Chattanooga in 2020 and have loved every minute!” — @jleek23

“Adelle’s crepes” — Richard

“The world’s fastest internet from EPB” — Rachel T.

“The hard work that local businesses have done to ensure that we can order take-out food and safely shop.” — Terry T.

“Travelled to Chattanooga for the first time to check out moving there! Coming back in December!” — @


Thank you for starting your day with us + happy Thanksgiving. 🦃