What city is Chattanooga, TN’s doppelgänger?

Photo by Kelly L via Pexels

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We all know most celebrities don’t do their own stunts — they have doppelgänger stunt doubles who stand in for them. And the same goes for a lot of city locations where movies take place.

So, what if Chattanooga needed a “stand-in?” What would be our doppelgänger city?

Maybe a place with a similar landscape (with mountains + plentiful hiking opportunities) or one with downtown streets that resemble ours. Which city has a similarly vibrant arts scene, or some seriously impressive internet speeds? (though nobody can beat EPB, of course.) Maybe they have a river running through the city that’s also a major attraction for floaters + boaters? 

We have a few ideas…

  • Asheville, NC | Both Asheville + Chattanooga are known for their setting within mountain ranges, making for a similar landscape. Both cities also feature a popular river running through them, and like Chattanooga, Asheville is known for its outdoor scene.
  • Austin, TX | We like to think of Austin as our big sister — similar, but with a few more people, live music scenes, and art. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas.
  • Boise, ID | Boise has a popular River Greenbelt similar to our Riverwalk, an outdoorsy vibe, and rich historical sites just like Chattanooga.
  • Greenville, SC | Chattanooga is often compared to Greenville, thanks to its Liberty Bridge comparable to the Walnut Street Bridge (ahem, but ours is still one of the world’s largest pedestrian bridges), Swamp Rabbit Trail that complements our Riverwalk, and close proximity to bigger cities like Atlanta.

… but we want to know what you think

What cities – from all around the world – do you think are most like Chattanooga? Which would be our doppelgänger?