Why working remotely in Chattanooga, TN is the best

The COVID-19 pandemic has more people working at home. | Pexels

Check out this article from TimeOut.com — an international media + leisure biz — that featured Chattanooga as the best city in the country for remote workers. (We don’t think Chattanooga is all that random, but call us biased.)

TimeOut.com author Sarah Medina highlighted a Zillow report that gave three reasons why Chattanooga is the best spot to be working from home. 

✅ Low cost of living

✅ All the nature + outdoor amenities

✅ Lightning-fast internet speeds from EPB 

Low cost of living 

Chattanooga has a relatively low cost of living. Our article from last year on the topic reported that median home prices are 27.5% below the national average

Bonus: We also did a comparison of other Tennessee cities in the above article + here’s a nifty cost-of-living comparison tool. 


Where do we start? 

Internet speeds 

The national average internet speed is 93.98 Mbps, according to the Internet and Television Association. 

The slowest speed that EPB provides is 300 Mbps (upload and download speeds). Locals can also get a gig or 10 gig-speeds. 

Since at least 2010 — when EPB became the first provider in the world to offer 1-gig speeds — there’s been a relatively steady stream of national news about Chattanooga. That news has included being dubbed Outside Magazine’s Best Town Ever, making headlines for hosting Ironman competitions, as well as coverage of our super-fast, world-leading internet speeds, which EPB started working on in 1999.