Top NOOGAtoday articles from Chattanooga, TN in 2020

A look back at 2020

We owe you a debt of gratitude, Chattanooga. 

We can’t say that 2020 went as planned, but we can say that you’re a wonderful crowd and we couldn’t appreciate your support more, especially this year. 

In 2020, we sent more than 240 newsletters to our growing audience of 26,500+ NOOGAtoday subscribers. Wow. 

Those numbers really humble us. 

We love our jobs and our city, and we’re doing the work with you in mind

So, here’s what we noticed you guys read and interacted with the most in 2020.

🎉 Top NOOGAtoday articles from 2020

It’s hard to believe, but the 2020 general election is over. There was a lot on the ballot, so we broke it all down in a handy guide, and it looks like a lot of you used it with a little over 14,000 views. 

Most of us Noogans have driven by the UFO house on Signal Mountain, but do you know about its history? Check that link for a brief origin story + what’s happening with it now.

Although this year was difficult for some businesses, we have business openings you need to know about if you missed it. 

This is a super fun (maybe spooky) article that highlights local, unexplained sightings. One family of four all saw something. You’ll have to click the link to find out what. 

This is Chattanooga folklore at its finest. Is Underground Chattanooga real? And if so, what is it? The link has the details.

🎉 Top IG posts from 2020

Okay, we get it, y’all love space. Which is good, because so do we. 👽 This photo took the cake this year with nearly 34,000 views and almost 1,800 likes + 54 comments. Live long and prosper, spaceship house.

This was our second most-viewed Instagram post from 2020 with more than 30,000 views. We don’t blame y’all. This talent is straight 🔥. Thanks for this video, @puresweat_ckc + @christalkhoops03.

This photo has 26.3K views, so that shows that our readers are suckers for beautiful fall colors. And why wouldn’t you be? Just look at ‘em. We really are lucky to live here.

🎉 Top reader comments from 2020

Loving Chattanooga 

“We moved here last year from the Houston area, mainly because it’s roughly halfway between our parents’ places. We weren’t sure if we wanted Chattanooga or Knoxville but one visit was all it took for us to feel like we were home.”  – @r6randall 

Noogans helping out after the Easter tornado

“I like that Chattanoogans start cleaning up right away. They don’t wait around expecting someone else to do it. Great hard working folks.” – @jameshbkyle

Getting ready for the ice rink at the Choo Choo 

“We couldn’t decorate for Christmas sooner. Can’t wait to look silly in a pair of ice skates.” – @ChattanoogaHistory