#TryThis: Free virtual YoMingo childbirth education through Erlanger Health System

Pregnant woman sitting at desk and holding her forehead with hand on stomach
Calling all soon-to-be moms: Erlanger offers free, virtual childbirth education you can do from home | Video by YoMingo

Hey NOOGA, Molly here. Typically, you can find me working behind the scenes with our advertisers at NOOGAtoday; however, I’ve recently taken on a new role: first-time mom. I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my first child, which means I’m waddling, out of breath, and half-ready/half-scared to get this show on the road.

My first pregnancy has been nothing like I had imagined. I mean, can anybody really say they know what to expect being pregnant during a global pandemic? Through all of the uncertainties and ups + downs, I’ve tried my best to adapt and find the good – even in the small things. 

So, while it was undoubtedly out of the question to attend in-person maternity classes like Lamaze, Baby CPR, and Newborn Care, I was excited to learn that Erlanger Health System offers free, virtual maternity education through YoMingo. Finally, something I could control. 🙌

Erlanger home screen on laptop next to sleeping dog
Tea: Check. Comfy seat: Check. Co-pilot: Check. | Photo by the NOOGAtoday team

Here’s how it went for me and how you (or a soon-to-be mom in your life) can #TryThis:


YoMingo maternity education through Erlanger Health System 

What we tried: 

After easily registering (for free), I downloaded the YoMingo app. You can choose between using the mobile app or desktop version – I went with the mobile app. The hardest part of this process? Figuring out what to read, watch, and learn first. 

Screenshot from YoMingo app
Erlanger offers free childbirth education in a range of categories via YoMingo | Screenshot via app

There is so much to choose from, with topics ranging from Prenatal Care to Breastfeeding and everything in between. However, the interface is very user-friendly (and super cute), and includes the topics mentioned above plus additional tools such as a hospital packing list, kick counter + contraction timer. I loved having all of these resources in the palm of my hand. 

Screenshot from YoMingo app menu
Handy tools in the YoMingo app

As a first-time mom, I’m all about learning how to bathe, diaper, care for and keep my baby safe. Pro-tip: Keep a notepad handy and/or your registry pulled up. I learned the thermometer I ordered isn’t the most accurate during the newborn phase, so I found the right one and ordered it right on the spot.

Don’t miss: 

  1. Set aside some time for you and your partner (and your furry friend) to do this together, just as you would an in-person class. 
  2. Get comfy! Take advantage of the fact that you can prepare for what’s to come in your pajamas. Have a notepad handy, your water bottle filled up, and snacks on hand (hello, very pregnant lady here) so you can dig in and not be interrupted.

What we’re still talking about: 

How easy it was to download the app after registering on Erlanger’s website. Not to mention, everything is free. I’ve seen plenty of other sites that charge for access to information like this, and if you’ve had a baby, you know it isn’t a cheap endeavor. 

Having such a well-laid-out, comprehensive resource in the palm of my hand was more than I was expecting. I think it goes without saying that I would absolutely recommend utilizing this resource. Next on my list is Labor & Birth (not sure if I’m excited or scared).

Screenshot of pregnant woman doing yoga
The video library covers helpful topics, like how to safely exercise during pregnancy | Video by YoMingo

The video library covers helpful topics, like how to safely exercise during pregnancy | Video by YoMingo

How you can experience this: 

Register here for free access to all virtual maternity education from Erlanger Health System, then download the YoMingo app (App Store, Google Play) or access the desktop version to get to learning.

Things to know: