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Made in Chattanooga: 17 things created in the Scenic City

From Hoff Sauce to MoonPies, Chattanooga is home to many original inventions and ideas. We are celebrating some of our favorite things created right here in the Scenic City.

NOOGAtoday | Hoff & Pepper

Aaron and Michelle Hoffman have turned a small hot sauce operation into an award-winning business.

Photo by Hoff & Pepper via Chattanooga Tourism Co.

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Made in Chattanooga. Yep, that sure has a nice ring to it. From clothing and accessories to snacks and other fun finds, we’ve rounded up 17 things homegrown in the Scenic City.

While some of these brands have branched out beyond our city, one thing’s for sure — there’s some major inspo happening around these parts.

NOOGAtoday | Little Debbie

These tasty snacks were created right here in Chattanooga.

Photo by Jill Sito via Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Snack time

Hoff & Pepper
Headquartered at 164 W. 31st St., this brand is known for its it’s “Hoff” sauce. You can find these hot sauces across the globe, but locally at restaurants like Frothy Monkey, retail shops like Locals Only, and at The Chattanooga Market this season.

Fun fact: Hoff & Pepper’s Haus Sauce even made an appearance on season 16 of the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones.”

Seahorse Snacks
These protein-packed nuts are sold online + at various pop-up markets in town. Check out the chili turmeric almonds, cashews, and pistachios or the maple “chaitastic” pecans. The company was founded by Stacy Martin, who created the tasty snacks, is like a seahorse after learning she had an extremely rare genetic mutation and had to have her stomach removed” Read more of her story.

The snack “as big as the moon” was created over 100 years ago right here in Chattanooga. These snacks are sold in retail stores all over the world in a variety of flavors and sizes. You can also check out the MoonPie General Store at 429 Broad St.

Little Debbie
The beginning of Little Debbie was right here in Chattanooga when the McKee Family purchased a small bakery during the height of the Great Depression. Now, the bakery has grown into a huge factory that manufactures delicious treats all across the world.

Noke’s Granola
This artisanal granola company was started locally by brothers Luther and Ryan Cutchins as a way to find a healthier snack alternative. Now, the organic granola is distributed across the country. Pro tip: Don’t forget to try out the nut offerings, the Chattabrew nuts are amazing.

Ryan’s Pepperworks
This hot sauce + spicy blend company has been crafting products in Chattanooga for 20 years. You can shop for the products online (with shipping to all 50 states) or at local farmers markets. Bonus: Don’t skip out on the monthly flavors made with seasonal fruits + vegetables.


Goodhew and Sockwell
This company has been creating a variety of socks from sustainable materials since 2008. Not only are the socks a cozy, modern design but they help provide solutions for graduated compression, plantar fasciitis relief, and are diabetic-friendly.

Burlaep Apparel
Founded in Chattanooga, this outdoor apparel company hand prints each product in the Scenic City. The nature activity-inspired products use eco-conscious inks on sustainably-sourced products. Bonus: shop the products on Six & Main.

NOOGAtoday | The Rustic House

Get cozy with these luxury soy candles.

Photo provided by The Rustic House

For the home

Divine Purity Aurapothecary
Founded by Cassandra Tucker, this family-owned and operated business crafts handmade home + body products. Shop from plant-based products like candles, wax melts, incense, and more.

Lodge Cast Iron
Located in nearby South Pittsburg is the site of the first factory store to sell Lodge cookware. Everything from the classic cast iron skillets to specialty items like the fluted cake pan or Dutch ovens are sold right down the road.

Rangemark Textiles
Owner + Designer Kathryn Wieldraayer uses pattern-making and block printing to create unique products like tote bags, towels, and napkin sets. Their mission is “to bring beauty to the ordinary by creating functional art.”

The Rustic House
This luxury candle business was started by two best friends in 2013. The soy candles, wax melts, incense, and more are now available in every state in the US + 12 countries. Bonus: Shop the products on Six & Main.

Fun finds

Altoid tins
Did you know that the large tins for Altoids are made in Chattanooga? The Wrigley Manufacturing Co. on Jersey Pike has been producing the tins that are distributed across the US since 2006.

Tow truck
Chattanooga has been credited as the birthplace of the tow truck which was invented by Ernest Holmes Sr. in 1916. Bonus: You can learn more about the history of the tow truck at the International Towing Museum.

Alchemy Spice Blends
This business has been handcrafting a variety of spice blends to “transform your cooking into delightful food experiences” since 2003. You can shop spice blends, gourmet salts, and infused oils online. Pro tip: For grill lovers, check out the Scenic City Grilling Pepper.

Chei-Man Tea
This Chattanooga-based family tea company sells to local coffee shops, restaurants, gift shops, and is available at the Chattanooga Market. Bonus: Try out the chai, pumpkin spice chai, and hot apple chai blends just in time for fall.

The company has been in Chattanooga for nearly 100 years making equipment that pulls overhead + underground electric power lines. The equipment is used in Chattanooga and all across the US by electric utilities, contractors, and rental companies.

What did we miss? If you know an invention that’s not on the list, let us know.

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