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How to keep your private data off the dark web
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Getting spam texts? Data brokers may have access to your personal info.|Photo provided by Incogni
Every day, data brokers profit from your sensitive info — phone number, date of birth, SSN, and more — buying + then selling it to the highest bidder, profiting off your misfortune.

And who’s buying it?
  • Best case: companies that target you with ads.
  • Worst case: scammers and identity thieves.
Find that a little concerning? Incogni can help you fight back.

It hunts down your sensitive data and scrubs it from the internet, confronting data brokers on your behalf. (And unlike other services, Incogni helps remove your sensitive information from all broker types, including those tricky People Search Sites.)

Help protect yourself from identity theft, robo calls, or scammers attacking your credit. And don’t wait, because our readers get 55% off Incogni today with code 6AMCITY.
Would you like to remove your sensitive data from the web and stop scammers?

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