A deep dive on Chattanooga State’s innovative 7-week class format

Graduate in cap and gown in front of stage, seen from behind
Chattanooga State’s 7-week class format is designed to help students stay motivated, focused, and on track | Photo via Chattanooga State Community College

DYK? Currently, ~50% of classes at Chattanooga State Community College are offered in an innovative 7-week class format. By January, the school plans to offer most of its classes this way. 

Here’s how (and why) the 7-week class format works:

Staying motivated 💡

  • The 7-week class format breaks the standard 15-week semester into 2 sessions, so students juggle fewer classes at a time.
  • Read: If a student would normally take 5 classes in a 15-week semester, they would take 3 classes the first 7 weeks and 2 classes the next 7 weeks (or vice-versa).

Staying focused 🔍

  • 10-15% of students are more likely to finish classes during a 7-week session than they are in a 15-week session.
  • Read: The 7-week class format allows students to finish their degrees more efficiently and on time.

Staying on track 🎓

  • National data — as well as Chattanooga State’s own — supports this format’s success. Chattanooga State is on the forefront of community colleges taking this proven approach.
  • Read: They’re not experimenting with students’ education. This method is evidence-based.

Check out the 7-week class schedule for fall. Learn more.