How to join a Chattanooga board or commission

Join a city board or commission. | Kelly Lacy via Pexels

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Calling all movers and shakers. Are you ready to become an even more engaged citizen? Do you wish you knew more about the goings-on in our city, before they happen? You can make your voice heard by serving as a volunteer member on one of the City’s 40 (yes, 40) boards and commissions.

As a board member, you can weigh in on topics like city appearance or planning, advise on changes to our local parks and greenway system, or contribute to historic development

Details for city board + commission positions can generally be found in the bylaws section under each board’s page.

A screenshot of the description under a board or commission posting.

Members are nominated and appointed by the mayor and City Council. To be considered, you must submit an interest form to the board or commission of your choosing (example here).

  • Who can apply? Any citizen residing within the City of Chattanooga.
  • What are the term limits? Each board and commission has a different term length and limit. You can find them in the description section after clicking on an area of interest. To make sure the time commitment fits with your personal schedule, check the meeting times + location in the description of each board or commission.
  • Where do I find vacancies? Under the description, you’ll see how many vacancies there are + if terms are expiring soon. There are currently vacancies on many of the boards and commissions, including the Animal Control Board, Chattanooga Public Art Commission, Mayor’s Council on Disability, and the Scenic Cities Beautiful Commission.

If you’re still wondering why you should get involved, consider that no one else has your exact experience, and your perspective could make a difference in many lives.