How to navigate NOOGAtoday’s event page

Find local events, see our top picks, and learn how to submit your own event.

NOOGAtoday | Events page

Access our events page on your desktop or any mobile device.

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You may be familiar with the events section of our newsletter — but what about our website?

Make the most of our comprehensive events calendar with these pro tips for navigating our site like a true local.

Event search tools

Find these below the “Featured Events” section near the top.

NOOGAtoday | Events tools

Narrow down your search by using these tools.

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  • Magnifying glass icon | Search keywords to find event categories or search events by name.
  • “All Events” drop-down (desktop) | Search for virtual events or “Editor Picks.”
  • Descending list icon (desktop) | Search by time, popularity, or alphabetically.
  • Bullet list icon | Change the format from lists to thumbnails.
  • Additional tools | Date, location, radius.
NOOGAtoday | Add event

Click this button to submit your events on our website.

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Add your own event

Green calendar icon | Click or tap this button, create a login, and input your event information.

  • We need the event name, date(s), time(s), location, price, and a brief description.
  • The event will then display on the website after review (note that event inclusion is based on overall relevance, frequency, diversity, cost, timeliness, etc.).
  • Pro tip: If your event takes place over multiple dates, you do not need to create multiple listings — just note the correct dates in the singular listing.

Want to ensure your event is featured in our newsletter for our 180,000+ readers and followers? Review our promotional offerings before clicking “submit.”

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