A (mechanical) bull riding competition in Chattanooga

Take this opportunity by the horns.

a bull painting down a hallway in Whiskey Cowgirl.

The competition will take place at Whiskey Cowgirl.

Photo by NOOGAtoday, painting by Olivia Reckert

Looking to spice up your weeknight plans sometime soon?

How about a bull riding contest? On Thursday, Dec. 22, Whiskey Cowgirl will host a mechanical bull riding contest from 6-9 p.m.

The contest will be free to enter, with first + second place prizes for winners. Even if you aren’t up for the challenge, you can still enjoy drink specials during the event — $5 Pendleton whiskey + $7.50 Sour Cowgirl cocktails.

A tip from Editor Brianna, who got the chance to ride the mechanical bull a few months ago: Don’t wear a dress. 😅