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Rock the Riverfront returns with new interactive art installation

Rock the Riverfront will return to the Chattanooga Green from March 17-April 16 with a new interactive art installation, Los Trompos.

NOOGAtoday | Los Trompos

Over 33,000 people attended last year’s inaugural event.

Photo by Brian Wancho provided by River City Company

Remember the interactive seesaw art installation on the Chattanooga Green? (We may have had a little too much fun with it ourselves.)

If so, get ready, because Rock the Riverfront will return in the spring of 2023 with a new interactive art installation for the community to enjoy.

From March 17-April 16, folks can enjoy “Los Trompos,” an installation that draws its inspiration from spinning tops.

The installation will feature eight “larger-than-life,” three-dimensional, woven spinning tops that come in a variety of shapes and colors. Functioning as both artwork + rotating platforms, the installation will serve as a gathering place for relaxation, social interaction, and plenty of entertainment (think: part furniture, part playground).

NOOGAtoday | Los Trumpos 2

The tops were woven using a traditional Mexican style. |

Photo by PhotographesCommercial provided by River City Company

The installation was created by contemporary Mexican designers Héctor Esrawe + Ignacio Cadena, who were inspired by ordinary objects and how “everyday activities allow us to visit and share with different cultures and different individuals.”

The project was originally created by the designers while on residency at the High Museum in Atlanta and featured over 30 tops. Since then, the installation has traveled all across the country and now aims to continue the initiative of activating the outdoor space + engaging visitors in a meaningful art experience in Chattanooga.

Make sure to follow River City Company for updates + a full Rock the Riverfront event schedule as the new year approaches. You can expect weekends once again filled with music, entertainment, cultural education opportunities, and more.

Bonus: If you’re interested in being a vendor at this year’s festivities, you can apply online.