The Hamilton County Health Department has released the “A Picture of Our Health” assessment for 2024 — the first update since 2019. Let’s see some of the notable changes and data from the last five years.
Local wellness group Scenic City Neurotherapy recently launched a 31-day “Spring Clean Your Life” challenge + we’re partnering up to provide you all with ways to take some screen breaks this week.
From lifting weights, indoor rock climbing, personal training, dance fitness, boxing classes, and martial arts programs — we’ve rounded up 25+ gyms and fitness offerings around Chattanooga.
See how Erlanger’s sold-out 2024 Believe Bash raises important funds for Noogan children (and aims to beat last year’s $372,000 raised by the community).
White Oak Bicycle Co-Op recently donated two bicycle repair stations to the city of Red Bank to help provide support for cyclists.
Erlanger physicians weigh in on popular health trends.
Average daily walking trips dropped by 36% in the US between 2019 and 2022 — see how Chattanooga compares.
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or the next Tiger Woods, these 21 golf courses in Chattanooga are sure to make for a good round.
When it comes to stroke, every second counts — that’s why knowing how to identify the signs + symptoms of stroke is critical to saving someone’s life (maybe even your own).
‘Tis the season for giving back, and we’ve got lots of ways to do it.
Take the guess work out of what to get friends and family this holiday season with our local wellness gift guide.
Here are 3 ways to prioritize your overall wellness during the busy holiday season.
A new long-distance trail route connecting the Chattanooga riverfront to Cloudland Canyon State Park is coming soon to the area.
Any vegans or vegetarians in the audience (or those that are veg-curious)? Get ready for Coolidge Park to be transformed into the food court of your dreams.
After seven years of collaboration and planning, a brand new park is now open to the public, serving Hamilton County as a vast outdoors sanctuary for all interests.
Cempa Community Care’s new Walk-In Clinic treats a large list of healthcare needs — and focuses on putting the community in care.
A Chattanooga pediatric surgeon sheds some light on using a non-opioid medication for children.
You are what you eat — so we’ve giving you the scoop on where to get healthy(ish) dishes in Chattanooga.
Explore health-backed suggestions to take care of yourself this month (and beyond).
The Chattanooga community is invited to join the MORE THAN PINK Walk to help raise funds in honor of breast cancer awareness.
We’ve got the lowdown on the all-ages game that’s sweeping the nation — here’s everything you need to know about playing pickleball in Chattanooga.
Cutting back on booze (or giving it up for good)? Enter: THC-infused seltzer.
Dig into delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian fare in every corner of Chattanooga.
Pack your reusable shopping bags, because we’ve rounded up 12 farmers markets around Chattanooga, TN.
See answers to questions about prevention, exposure, treatment + more.
Good news for Chattanooga.
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