What you can expect at the newly renovated Patten Square

Photo of a stone bench that reads "Patten Square" on the side, pictured in front of a street with a large apartment complex on the other side.
Previously Patten Parkway, the area in downtown Chattanooga is now known as Patten Square | Photo via NOOGAtoday

Ever wondered why you drive on a parkway + park on a driveway? We don’t have the answer, and since Patten Parkway is now known as Patten Square, we don’t need it. 

The historic square that was formerly home to the first Coca-Cola bottling facility has undergone major renovations in the past 2 years in order to become more pedestrian friendly + better suited for events

Wondering what Patten Square has to offer ahead of its official grand opening ceremony on July 23? We’re breaking down what’s new.

Photo of 3 large art installations on the sidewalk. The installations are metal, with long stem-like bases and an opening at the top.
WMWA landscape architects partnered with ASA Engineering to complete the 3-year project now known as Patten Square | Photo via NOOGAtoday

What’s new here

  • A recently-installed sculpture that lights up at night 
  • Several trees lining the sidewalk 
  • Wider sidewalk space + removal of the median that previously split the parkway down the middle
  • Stone benches that also serve as art


Five Leaf Wellness | Hemp dispensary

Jack Brown’s | Burgers + beer

Lil Mama’s | Chicago-style hoagy restaurant

Millennial Nail Bar | Nail salon experience

Shyne Collective | Hair salon

The French Quarters Hair Salon | Hair salon

The Honest Pint | Irish pub

Plus a few others, like law firms + consulting companies.

Other buildings

The Patten Group HQ | Investment firm 

Tomorrow Building | Fully-furnished apartment complex 

Volunteer Garage | Parking garage 

What’s gone

Palace Theatre | This local theatre and bar was 1 of Chattanooga’s unfortunate COVID-19 closures. The former theatre spot is now the location of the recently-opened Millennial Nail Bar.

Southern Squeeze | This vegan café is still open at its Northshore location, but its former spot at Patten Square is now home to Lil Mama’s.

The Camp House | The Camp House moved from its corner spot on Patten Square to a new building this past spring at 806 E. 12th St.