10-Minute Walk Campaign in Chattanooga, TN

The City of Chattanooga is joining the 10-Minute Walk Campaign.


Mayor Kelly made the announcement at Southside Community Park on Sat., March 26 | Photo by NOOGAtoday

Table of Contents

Things you can currently do in ~10 minutes:

Things you will soon be able to do in ~10 minutes:

  • Walk to a park, no matter where in Chattanooga you live

🌳 Wait, really?

Really. Over the weekend, Mayor Kelly announced that the City of Chattanooga is joining the 10-Minute Walk Campaign. What is this campaign? A program led by the Trust for Public Land (you know, the folks behind the South Chick Creek Greenway) that works to bring every resident, in every part of town, in every city across America, a park within a 10-minute walking distance of home.

🌳 Why

For starters, who doesn’t love being near a park? Beyond that, though, parks can:

  • Benefit physical + mental health
  • Improve social connections
  • Help the environment
  • Cool down parts of town without green spaces + address stormwater issues

🌳 How

Most recently, the City of Chattanooga established a new Parks and Outdoors Department. Parks + Outdoors Administrator Scott Martin started his role in early February.

The Trust for Public Land will also work in partnership with the city to provide info on where parks are lacking + work with neighborhoods to help create new parks. Approaching projects include:

  • Finishing up the Alton Park connector — one of the first intentional connections to the Riverwalk System that will connect multiple residents to park space
  • Working on Lynnbrook Park, with construction to start in the next year
  • Creating a new neighborhood park in the Olde Town Brainerd area — more details to come

🌳 Current data

  • 39% | Percent of Chattanooga residents who live within a 10-minute walk of a park
  • 8% | Percentage of land used for parks and rec, compared to the national median of 15%
  • 95 | Number of parks in Chattanooga