ANSWERED: What a Hallmark movie based in Chattanooga would look like

We asked our readers what a Hallmark movie based in Chattanooga would look like — here are a few answers we received.

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Several of our readers chose the Walnut Street Bridge as the perfect filming location.

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Last week we asked if Chattanooga could have its own Hallmark movie, and if so, what would it look like?

We listed a few reasons why we believed the Scenic City would be the perfect backdrop for a Hallmark movie + included a survey for our readers to provide their thoughts as well. Spoiler alert: you all had a lot of thoughts — 81 of you, to be exact.

Here are a few responses we received that we believe would give the Hallmark executives some inspiration for when they choose Chattanooga as their next filming location:

The Hallmark movie title

“Choo Chooing Home for Christmas”GL S.

“Reconnecting by the River”Hope M.

“Bridge City Love”Bob J.

“LOVEx24" Emily V.

“Miracle on Main Street” Libby L.


“The Choo Choo area with ice skating and Main Street shopping.” — Tamra T.

“They must walk the Walnut Street Bridge and go hiking.” — Anna R.

“They keep meeting up in all different coffee shops. Rembrandts, Be Caffeinated, Sleepyhead, and more!” — Erica T.

“The DREAMY Bluff View Arts District.” — Ashley A.

“NorthShore area (boutique shops, Coolidge Park, Pedestrian Bridge) major scene would happen near West Village though.” — Ari R.

Major plot points

“One [of the characters is from] out west or up north and is here exploring and writing a piece [on Chattanooga].” — Diane M.

“Hiking world traveler meets local hiker.” — Rebecca S.

“Dream sequence traveling back in time to the 40s when the Chattanooga Choo Choo ran.” — Monica H.

“There will be a horse-drawn carriage at some point and the horse WILL run red lights (happened to my husband and me years ago!)” — Courtney E.

“Two strangers meet in a holiday-themed bar in Chattanooga and have a quick chat(t). They end up seeing each other again at MAINx24, and then the rest is history.” — Brianna W. (yes, Editor Brianna did fill out the survey)

Who plays the lead

“Rachel Boston Hallmark star and Chattanooga resident!” — Guy L. (Rachel Boston was born in Chattanooga + was a former resident of Signal Mountain, she now lives in Nashville.)

“Danica McKeller, who recently moved her family to Tennessee.” — Dawn A.

“Taylor Swift.” — Chloé M.

“I don’t know, but if Dolly Parton could have a Mrs. Claus cameo, I’m 100% in.” — Blair G.

“Any of the NOOGAtoday ladies.” — Henry C. (Your move, Hallmark)

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