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Read the winning poem from our 2024 poetry contest

We’ve narrowed down our poetry contest to one winner — read the fan favorite and runner-ups.

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Drumroll, please.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

This month, we ran a poetry contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. We challenged our readers to craft a poem using only the words that appeared in one of our newsletters (here are the original contest guidelines if you want to give it a try).

While prose is our newsletter’s bread and butter, it turns out that you all certainly aren’t op-prose-d to verse; we received several creative, intriguing, and beautiful poems that we narrowed down to our top three finalists.

Check out the poems below, including the contest winner our readers voted for.

Winner: “Nooga Haiku” by Jeff M.

Tennessee signal

We want for Chattanooga

The calling of home

Finalist: “Thunderstruck” by Joellen B.

Admission of wonders we know is simple appear ambivalent crossing a new stage of limitation — artful and silent
You need not pull form from words organization proceeds to vary
Calling all you come up with at once excluding originality today’s traditional evening projects its decade
Mix and match craft how you please spend 100 years programming performances you know Only you turn into an enchanted encounter unlike anywhere you forget you are thunderstruck all along

Finalist: “The Hunt” by Robert R.

Evening under stars wild mountain calling the wolves the game is on advance and track stop all is red all is silent.

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