Asked: Which local woman do you want us to highlight?

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month the best way we know how — with the history of an impactful local woman.

A library photo clipping.

Mary Walker with her teacher, Mrs. Helen Kelley, and classmates during one of their classes. | Photo taken by NOOGAtoday via the library’s “Ex-Slave Ex-Tra: The Living Voice and Biography of an Ex-slave in Modern History”

Happy Women’s History Month, Chattanooga.

We want to celebrate with exactly that — the history of an intriguing, powerful, impactful local woman. But we want your help on deciding which one to research (after all, there are quite a lot of amazing women from Chattanooga’s history). Need some inspiration? Check out our previous history articles on women like Mary Walker + Anna Safely Houston.

So, let’s hear it. Want to learn more about the first Black, female physician in Chattanooga? Interested in how the Empress of Blues got her start? Wondering why there are actually two significant women of local history named Mary Walker? Let us know what you want to know, and we’ll start digging.

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