Asked + answered: What’s your favorite soup in Chattanooga?

Soup + salad from Sluggo's | NOOGAtoday

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Ahhh, 60º nights and 70º days. 🥰 Okay, fine, we’re still having some 80º days, but it’s really feeling like fall, huh? And fall means a few things — sweaters, pumpkin spice, backyard fires, and soup.

The quickest way to break our hearts. | GIF via GIPHY


Trista here, and last week in The Wrap (at the bottom of the newsletter) I admitted that I have gone into soup mode and asked for some of your favorite recipes. Thanks to everyone who sent me their fave soups — I can’t wait to make them. But when I’m not in the mood to cook, I want to know who has the best soup in Chattanooga — that’s where you come in.

Whether you’re a fan of chili or creamy butternut squash, there’s a soup for all of us that hits the spot. 🍲 Question is, where can we find our match made in soup heaven? Let us know so we can make the ultimate guide of the best soup in Chattanooga.


Well, y’all came through — we received over 100 messages declaring who has the best soup. While we can’t include every entry (some of you claimed the best soup is at your house), we’re going to give you the top 10 mentions.

Anyone down for a soup crawl after this? 🙋

1️⃣ Chicken tortilla soup from Taco Mamacita

Roasted chicken, tomato, avocado, queso fresco, lime, cilantro, house made broth, tortilla strips | $8.99

Chicken tortilla soup | Photo by Sedara B. via Yelp

2️⃣ Yasai shoyu from Two Ten Jack

Vegetable broth, burnt corn, greens, beni shoga, mayu | $15

Yasai shoyu | Photo by Leah O. via Yelp

3️⃣ Lentil soup from Acropolis Grill

Whole lentils, potatoes, onion, pepper | $6.25

Lentil soup | Photo via Yelp

4️⃣ Pho Ga from Noodles and Pho

Chicken pho | $7.50

Chicken pho | Photo by Alanna W. via Yelp

5️⃣ Tomato artichoke from Rembrandt’s

Creamy tomato bisque with artichoke and chunks of tomato  | $5.50

Tomato artichoke soup | Photo by Marcie O. via Yelp

6️⃣ Coconut soup from Thai Esan

Thai coconut milk, galangal ginger, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, lime juice, tomato, shallots, cilantro, chicken or tofu | $6.95

Coconut soup | Photo by Emerson B. via Yelp

7️⃣ French onion soup from Urban Stack

Topped with cheesy toast | $6.50

French onion soup | Photo by Leigha C. via Yelp

8️⃣ Sundubu from NoogaBop

Spicy tofu with seafood | $11.95

Sundubu | Photo by Kathy P. via Yelp

9️⃣ Harry’s homemade chili from Sluggo’s

Three bean chili with soy crumbles. Bowl includes a cornbread muffin. | $5.25

Chili with a side salad + cornbread | Photo by Kelly M. via Yelp

🔟 Wild & crazy mushroom soup from Terminal Brewhouse

Creamy mushroom soup made with local mushrooms | $5.50

Chili with a side salad + cornbread | Photo by Kelly M. via Yelp

Honorable mentions: Any soup from River St. Deli, the cioppino from Provino’s Italian Restaurant, loaded baked potato soup from Hi-Fi Clyde’s (not currently available), and sweet and spicy chili from LB’s Chili Bar.