EPB’s latest moves in the quantum world

EPB has announced it will continue its partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to form the Collaborative for Energy Resilience and Quantum Science — find out what that means for Gig City.

City and state officials speaking at a podium inside of EPB's headquarters.

Try quantum-fying this new partnership.

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EPB will continue its decade-long partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to form a new research effort, Collaborative for Energy Resilience and Quantum Science (CERQS). Let’s dive into what this means for Gig City.

The collaborative effort will build on $180 million in joint research while positioning Chattanooga directly in the center to utilize the city’s “highly advanced” energy + communications infrastructure. CERQS will work on enhancing the national grid’s security while also moving quantum technology forward in our everyday lives.

Need a refresher on what the tech quantum is? We’ve got you covered.

An EPB window from the downtown office.

This is just the latest in our city’s quantum research.

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CERQS will focus on four main goals.

  • National leadership | Guiding the tech world with breakthroughs in quantum data like long-distance distribution, connecting diverse technologies + commercializing the supply chain.
  • Innovation | Enhancing energy security by studying and executing novel quantum + digital technologies, creating a grid system that is resilient, reliable, affordable, sustainable, and cyber-secure.
  • Workforce development | Supporting current and future quantum economies through partnerships in East Tennessee — from K-12th grade to higher education within colleges + businesses.
  • Economic development | Turning quantum technology into commercialized products over the next 10 years, with East Tennessee capitalizing on investment + creating new companies.

Fun fact: Over this 10-year partnership, EPB + ORNL have collaborated on 30 projects. You might recognize some of their joint efforts like using energy models to optimize power distribution + deploying solar microgrids.

“Today’s major announcement that EPB and ORNL are increasing their partnership to strengthen Chattanooga’s existing first-ever commercially available quantum network, the only in the world, is yet another significant milestone that will change how business and research is done,” said US Representative Chuck Fleischmann.

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