Try This: Shop from Queens Kitchen and Market

Take a look inside this new neighborhood market located in the North Chattanooga area.

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Try getting ingredients for your next cooked meal at this quaint market.

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Wanting the farmer’s market vibe in an everyday way? Let us introduce you to the newly opened neighborhood shop Queens Kitchen and Market.

Located in the Riverview area at 1308 Hanover St., this European-style market is brought to you by Sarah Hart, owner of Hart & Hive Provisions, and her “Queen Team.”

Hart, a classically-trained chef, said this new business venture was a combination of needing a bigger kitchen space for Hart & Hive (located a street away) + her dream to open up a market where folks could shop and eat inside. While this space doesn’t offer a café, Hart added she modeled it after a European market.

NOOGAtoday | Queens Kitchen and Market produce

Get fresh local goods Tuesday through Saturday at this small market.

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What does that mean? You can shop local goods like fresh-cut meats that are delivered every two days, eggs, and produce, as well as imported items like sauces and pastas from Italy, olive oils from Spain, and weekly prepped to-go specials. The store also offers various kitchen or household items like towels, holiday plants, and measuring cups.

“We’re trying to get a feel of what people in the neighborhood want,” Hart said. “We want a nice mix for people to be able to grab good quality groceries or even grab a gift for the people who like to cook in their life.”

NOOGAtoday | Queens Kitchen and Market imported goods

Cook with flavors from Italy and Spain without having to travel too far from home.

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Hart added that the imported goods are intentionally picked for being clean — all ingredients used in the sauces are made from small farms, and there are no additives in the products.

Bonus: This shop has future plans of hosting community events and quarterly “Queen’s Table” dinners — stay in the know by following along on Instagram.

“We carefully are trying to curate a collection of beautiful, artisanal kitchen items. We’re trying to look for beautiful olive oils and sauces you won’t get off the shelves at the grocery store.” — Sarah Hart

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