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This chart shows the 2030 goals. | Screenshot, Chattanooga 2.0

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In 2015, Chattanooga 2.0 published a report predicting that, by 2025, more than 80% of well-paying jobs in the city and county would require postsecondary education.

The problem? Local residents were not adequately prepared to get these jobs.

So, Chattanooga 2.0 sought community input, data analysis and national research to create a strategic plan, which is now complete.

Thursday morning, Chattanooga 2.0 released the report about how the plan worked out, along with new goals.

📚 First things first — what is Chattanooga 2.0?

It’s an organization that partners to make sure everyone in Chattanooga + Hamilton County can thrive from cradle to career. That means looking at everything from racial and other inequities to graduation rates. The partnership part is important because Chattanooga 2.0 says the mission requires everyone working together.

📚 And, what did the report say?

Well, a lot. So you can see the entire report here.

It also outlined some of the wins that grew out of the 2015 plan.

  • 2019: Hamilton County’s school system recognized as the fastest improving school district in the state
  • 2019: Number of adults with postsecondary degrees or credentials in Chattanooga-Hamilton County increased by 38%
  • 2020: Six-year completion rates for first-year students at UTC increase by 4 percentage points
  • 2020: Three-year completion rates for first-year students at Chattanooga state increase by 9 percentage points
  • 2020: Chattanooga 2.0 commits to putting equity at the center of its work

📚 What about future goals?

Goals for 2030

  1. 80% of children come to kindergarten with the skills needed to be successful
  2. 80% of Hamilton County School students are proficient in reading by third grade
  3. 80% of students graduate on time from Hamilton County Schools prepared for college or career
  4. 80% of Hamilton County Schools’ graduates obtain post-secondary degrees or credentials within six years
  5. Double the number of young adults (18-25) who obtain “meaningful, self-sustaining” careers and successfully transition to the workforce

📚 And how can I help?

The report outlines ways that everyone can help.

  1. Commit to the vision. You can sign the shared vision here.
  2. Advocate for education. Talk to your elected leaders about the vision and the challenges. Also — vote.
  3. Stay informed. You can always visit the Chattanooga 2.0 website or sign up for its newsletter.
  4. Champion equity. Commit to having uncomfortable conversations + give your time to those closest to the issue

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