What should Chattanooga’s unofficial city mascot be?

Ray Soldano

Does Scrappy have what it takes to be Chattanooga’s mascot? | Photo by Roy Soldano

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What would Geico be without its friendly gecko or Frosted Flakes without Tony the Tiger? We don’t know about you, but we’ve refused to eat Planters peanuts ever since ~the incident~.

Obviously, mascots have an important role. Which got us thinking… what if Chattanooga had its very own city mascot? We created a lineup of the best + brightest potential mascots to let you decide who should represent the Scenic City.

Miguel Wattson

Pros: He’s got the star power down — even internationally, he’s bringing attention to the Scenic City. Something about Miguel is just electrifying.

Cons: He’s pretty wordy, and he might have some difficulty attending local events, given the whole “lives in a tank” thing.

Phillip D. Glass

Pros: His wordplay game is strong + he’s constantly supporting local organizations like the Mocs and Chattanooga FC. He’s adaptable, he’s supportive, and the water he provides literally sustains us, so that’s a point in his favor.

Cons: Look, we’re not here to judge, but something about his face makes us think Phillip may have had a questionable past. Seriously, why is he looking at us like that?

Scrappy Moc

Pros: Scrappy is no beginner in the mascot world. He’s got a resume that’s miles long, and he knows how to hype up a crowd. He’s also got the muscle to wave flags, which is fun.

Cons: Still recovering from a stressful season.

Looie the Lookout

Pros: Looie is another mascot who’s got some experience under his belt. His Nooga Lookouts jersey can easily transition into a Chattanooga mascot uniform — plus, he’s already got a fiercely loyal fan base.

Cons: Looie has a bit of a history of… disappearing.

Chatt Chimp

Pros: The Chatt Chimp doesn’t have the following these other mascots do just yet, but he’s an up + coming Chattanooga starlet who’s ready to show the Scenic City what he’s made of. Those opposable thumbs could come in handy, folks.

Cons: This chimp could get us some unfavorable press. I mean, posting a photo in underwear? Not a good look.

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