Answers to your Chattanooga-centric crossword

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Hiya, Chattanooga. Chloé here. 

In case you missed it, we put out a Chattanooga-centric crossword puzzle. Play here if you haven’t already and check out the answers below.


  1. Jumping off Lookout Mountain for fun – hang gliding 
  2. It’s part of the first + largest national military park? Point Park 
  3. What magazine called us the Best Town Ever? Outside
  4. Local carmaker – Volkswagen
  5. What is Chattanooga’s popular nickname? Scenic City
  6. What native Chattanooga is famous for his role on “Will and Grace?” Leslie Jordan
  7. Chattanooga’s annual entrepreneurial showcase – Startup Week
  8. Best local daily newsletter – NOOGAtoday
  9. It’s not technically called “the walking bridge” – Walnut Street Bridge
  10. Hamilton County top leader – Mayor Coppinger 
  11. Discovery turned tourist attraction named for wife – Ruby Falls 


  1. Where did the Civil War’s Battle Above the Clouds take place? – Lookout Mountain 
  2. Swim, bike, run – Ironman
  3. What county neighbors Chattanooga to the southeast? – Catoosa 
  4. What big band song is about a trip to Chattanooga? – Chattanooga Choo Choo
  5. What Chattanooga native had the hit  “You Make Me Wanna?” – Usher 
  6. Popular outdoor sport – Rock climbing 
  7. Native who played Mr. Belding – Dennis Haskins 
  8. Chattanooga’s sweet treat – MoonPie
  9. What nickname did Chattanooga get when the city launched its high-speed internet services? – Gig City