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Chattanooga Prep invites you to their Breakfast of Champions 🏆

Chattanooga Preparatory School will host their second annual fundraiser to support their student athletes in competing on the field and in the real world.

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Chattanooga Preparatory School soccer player takes soccer ball from another player

A Chatt Prep soccer player takes the ball.

Photo by Justin Booker, Vityl Media

Noogans can swap their cereal for the Breakfast of Champions on Fri., Nov. 18 from 7-8 a.m. when they sign up for Chattanooga Prep School’s second annual fundraiser, hosted in the school’s newly-renovated collegiate gym.

Chattanooga Prep launched its fifth school year in August, with 380 young men in grades 6-10 and a growing athletic department including basketball, cross country, football, soccer, and track + field. The ultimate goal? To inspire + empower young men to succeed by creating a culture in which athletes are prepared to compete — not only on the field + in the classroom, but also in the real world.

Want to help these future athletes and scholars out (over pancakes)? Proceeds from the breakfast will go directly to the school’s athletic department.

Keep reading to learn about three big successes of the Sentinels and more ways you can support the home team (aka our future leaders) this year.*


Chatt Prep football players run onto the field.

The Chatt Prep football team’s got spirit.

Photo by Justin Booker, Vityl Media

Here’s a look at some of Chatt Prep’s athletic accomplishments over the past four years:

  • Competing at the highest middle school levels
  • Earning the opportunity to play in the Tennessee Middle School Athletic Association (TMSAA) basketball tournament
  • Winning second place in the Hamilton Athletic Conference (HCAC) Track & Field Tournament

Attendees can help them keep winning by purchasing tickets to enjoy breakfast or by sponsoring a table at the event. 🏆 *

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