Your guide to breweries in Chattanooga, TN

Heaven and Ale has 16 taps of locally brewed beer to choose from. (Photo: NOOGAtoday)

Ahh, summer sittin’ + patio sippin’. Trista here, and I know a lot of you are missing your favorite Chattanooga spots to gather with friends and have a drink or two while the warm summer evening hangs around.

It’s no surprise that Chattanooga’s growth has fostered an increasing interest in beer. A decade ago, only a handful of breweries were available, and now the city is home to 11 excellent breweries that offer a wide variety of interesting beers.  We’re not quite Asheville yet (with 30+ breweries to visit) but we’re definitely on the beer map.

Fri., Aug. 7 was International Beer Day, and we know we’re a few days late, but we’d like to celebrate our local breweries. And besides, why not make it a week-long celebration?

Oh BTW, we also added a fan favorite beer to try from each brewery from Untappd. 

The Breweries

🍺 Big Frog Brewing Company

2122 Dayton Blvd. | Microbrewery

Cheers with this: Golden Gateway, a cream ale with honey + lemon

🍺 Big River Grille & Brewing Work

222 Broad St. + 2020 Hamilton Place Blvd. | Regional brewery

Cheers with this: Big River IPA, an American IPA with Cascade hops

🍺 Chattanooga Brewing Co.

1804 Chestnut St. | Regional brewery


Cheers with this: Chestnut Street Brown, an English brown ale with a roasted chocolate malt finish

🍺 Five Wits Brewing Company

1501 Long St. | Microbrewery


Cheers with this: Sunblaze, a crisp American IPA

🍺 Heaven & Ale Brewing Co.

300 Cherokee Blvd., Suite 101 + 326 E. Main St. | Microbrewery


Cheers with this: Sunset Hops, a milkshake IPA

🍺 Hutton & Smith Brewing Co.

431 E. MLK Blvd. | Regional brewery


Cheers with this: Igneous IPA, an American dry-hopped IPA

🍺 Mad Knight Brewing Co.

4015 Tennessee Ave. | Microbrewery 


Cheers with this: Crazy Otto, a farmhouse ale saison

🍺 Naked River Brewing Co.

1791 Reggie White Blvd. | Brew pub


Cheers with this: MoonPie Stout, a pastry stout (brewed with MoonPies)

🍺 OddStory Brewing Company

336 E. MLK Blvd. | Microbrewery


Cheers with this: Monkey’s Heart IPA, a West Coast IPA with seven varieties of hops

🍺 Terminal Brewhouse

1464 Market St. | Microbrewery


Cheers with this: Magnum P.A., a West Coast IPA brewed with Magnum hops + traditional Cascades

🍺 Wanderlinger Brewing Company

1208 King St. | Microbrewery


Cheers with this: Appalachian Alt, an altbier