Chattanooga’s Strike Magazine strikes the runway

The local magazine will hold its first fashion runway show featuring local designers + staff work.

sauce thrift

See designs like this by the owner of Sauce Thrift Sara Goodson on the runway. | Photo by @sauce.thrift

Indulge in your passion for fashion with the crew of Chattanooga’s Strike Magazine for its first-ever runway show on Saturday, April 1.

The student-led fashion, lifestyle + culture publication will showcase 11 designers based in Chattanooga and Nashville. Editor in Chief Aisy Nix said all pieces will be handmade with the utilization of screen printing, upcycling, and hand painting.

The show will take place at the Friends of the Festival Warehouse located at 426 Market St. Grab tickets for third-row viewing — seats are limited, so get them while you can.

Bonus: see some of the designers + their work at the Strike Market this Sunday, April 2 at the Bode Chattanooga hotel.

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