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10 Chattanooga things we can’t live without

Get to know our editors and a few local things, menu items, and experiences they can’t live without.

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We could name tons of Chattanooga must-haves, but here are 10 to start.

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If you’re a fan of GQ’s 10 Essentials series, where you may have seen your favorite celebrities boast about the things they can’t live without, you might be a fan of this localized spin-off.

We’re definitely not calling ourselves Jeremy Allen White (any “The Bear” fans out there?) or Jack Harlow, but keep reading for 10 Chattanooga things Editors Brianna + Kristen can’t live without.

1. ParkMobile Parking App
When Editor Kristen can’t find free parking around town, this app is a lifesaver. You can pay for parking right on your phone + receive notifications when your parking has almost expired to avoid getting ticketed (trust us, we know this pain all too well).

2. Bike Chattanooga
If you’ve been a subscriber for a while now, you already know why this is an essential for Editor Brianna. Now she bikes around the city freely, with no worries of a stolen bike.

3. Sitar Indian Cuisine
Sitar is Kristen’s go-to for a take-out meal. You can’t go wrong with the Tikka Masala or Saag Paneer.

4. Suga’s Pimento Cheese
Ok, so this is ~technically~ a Georgia item, but it’s sold every week at the Chattanooga Market. Brianna’s favorite is the jalapeño vegan pimento cheese (not spicy, just flavorful), which she could (and has) eaten in only two days.

5. The world’s fastest internet
We’ve got it made when it comes to internet speed. For two who are always working remotely, we couldn’t live without it.

6. Hiking Boots
Even for the casual hiker, a good pair of boots never hurts in Chattanooga. Grab a used (aka, cheaper) pair at The Gear Closet, Four Bridges Outfitters, or search for some at a local thrift store.

7. Flower bouquets from Joli Jardin Flower Shop
When Kristen needs a pick-me-up, she goes to build her own flower bouquet from Joli Jardin. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

8. MAINx24
Could we realistically live without this huge, annual, 24-hour festival? Sure. But do we want to? Absolutely not.

9. Walks along the Riverwalk
When Kristen needs a breath of fresh air, the Riverwalk is her favorite spot to walk in town.

10. Imbibe Chattanooga
Imbibe has one of our favorite selections of adult bevs in town. Kristen is able to get a wine she once enjoyed in Italy, and Brianna even purchased the wine for her wedding there.

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