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Days of the week as coffee shops in Chattanooga, TN

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When one coffee just isn’t going to cut it, head to Niedlov’s. | Photo by NOOGAtoday

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with all of Chattanooga’s coffee shops. If we’re being honest, drinking coffee is an everyday love of ours, which had us thinking, which local coffee shops best represent each day of the week?

We hope you enjoy the final installment of our Drink Up Week articles — a fun take on seven Chattanooga coffee shops.

Monday | Niedlov’s Café & Bakery

It’s important to set your week up for success, which is why Niedlov’s is our Monday coffee shop go-to. Heading here to get your breakfast pastry + coffee fix is the perfect way to set a solid foundation for yourself. Let’s be honest, Mondays are a multiple cups of coffee kind of day for most of us, which is why the free in-house refills of drip coffee are a lifesaver.

Tuesday | Be Caffeinated

Be Caffeinated has several locations throughout the Chattanooga area with drive-thrus which makes it a convenient + quick way to get your cup of joe. Tuesdays can be hectic, meetings are starting to pile up, and you can’t be late, which is why Be Caffeinated helps us get through a Tuesday with ease without sacrificing our need for caffeine.

Wednesday | Sleepyhead Coffee

You’ve made it to hump day, and we think that is something to be celebrated. Treat yourself with a delicious cup of coffee + a vegan donut at Sleepyhead Coffee. On Wednesdays we start feeling a little excited to be making it through the week, so soak up the good vibes and breathe in the fresh air (you know, because of all the thriving plants) in this pleasant shop.

Thursday | Rembrandt’s Coffee House

When we think of Thursdays, there’s a coziness that comes with it, and Rembrandt’s Coffee House has to be one of Chattanooga’s coziest spots. The indoor + outdoor space perfectly encapsulates a Thursday vibe — all you need is a cappuccino and a Russian tea cookie to accompany you.

Friday | Velo Coffee Roasters

Making it to Friday is one of life’s sweetest feelings, and heading over to Velo Coffee Roasters for an affogato — a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over top — is pretty darn sweet. Grabbing this coffee and sitting out on the patio is the perfect way to round out a work week.

Saturday | Frothy Monkey

If you know us, you know we love a good Saturday brunch. While we love a mimosa or a Bloody Mary, sometimes a hot or iced latte is the move. Frothy Monkey not only has an amazing brunch menu, but a wide variety of coffees to accompany your meal. We love the Rosemary Honey Latte for a savory option and the E.T. espresso tonic for something with a little more kick.

Sunday | Goodman Coffee

We like to take things slow on Sunday morning, which means sleeping in + maybe staying in our pajamas a little longer than we should. We love to pick up a bag of Goodman Coffee beans at the Chattanooga Market and make ourselves a big cup of coffee at home.

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