Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors unveils vision plan for Montague Park

The Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Department has unveiled its plans for Montague Park, keep reading for what’s in store.

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The Montague Park Vision Plan is another step towards Chattanooga becoming a “city in a park.”

Rendering provided by Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors Department

What if Chattanooga had its own Central Park? The Scenic City is one step closer to becoming a “city in a park” with the unveiling of the Montague Park Vision Plan.

The plan is a collaborative effort to elevate Chattanooga’s largest downtown park into a “beautiful, accessible, unified, and animated public space.”

How will this be achieved? The vision plan is broken down into several key focus areas.

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The vision plan promotes elements of art, culture, recreation, diversity, community + health.

Rendering provided by Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors Department

A renewed Sculpture Fields
Think: Enhanced planning and pathways to create an “arboretum-like setting” with outdoor garden galleries. Additionally, creating a new event lawn with a sculptural stage to provide a space for events.

Expanded facilities for the Chattanooga Football Club Foundation
Think: Three new artificial play fields for community use outside of CFC practice times, seating, support facilities + more.

The Heart (a new space in the center of the park)
Think: A focus on exploration + immersion, with elements like slides, swings, nature play, and trails.

The Community Front Porch
Think: A new main entrance + civic edge along Polk Street with pavilions, picnic areas, a splash pad, market space, and support facilities.

NOOGAtoday | Montague Park rendering

Montague Park will have available space for markets and more community happenings.

Rendering provided by Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors Department

The cost of the project will range between $80 to $100 million with the goal of it being built over the course of three to five years. Support for this stage of Montague Park planning has been provided by The Lyndhurst Foundation, the Benwood Foundation, and the Robert Finley Stone Foundation. Make sure to check out the plan’s website for updates and more information.

“The Montague Park Vision Plan is transformational — intentionally designed to unleash the unifying forces of entertainment, sports, and food amidst greenscaping that is quintessentially Chattanoogan,” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “Montague will become the place for community building in the heart of Chattanooga and one of America’s most envied urban parks.”