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City of Chattanooga launches affordable housing search tool

The new online search tool helps with finding low-cost housing units in Chattanooga.

NOOGAtoday | Affordable housing tool

“We’re making great strides in expanding access to affordable housing in our city, and this tool is designed to help pair that supply with folks in our community who need it, " said Mayor Tim Kelly.

Screenshot via City of Chattanooga

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Mayor Tim Kelly recently unveiled the City of Chattanooga’s first-ever Affordable Housing Search Tool — an interactive, data-driven resource created in collaboration with Bloomberg’s City Alliance.

The search tool is designed to help connect housing providers with prospective tenants who qualify.

NOOGAtoday | Affordable housing tool

This tool allows you to hover over the properties to find contact information and more details.

Screenshot via City of Chattanooga

How it works

  • Step one | Select the number of individuals living in your household.
  • Step two | Enter your estimated annual household income
  • Step three | Click a property icon on the map to discover more information.

Based on the information provided, a list of matching low-cost housing options will appear on the interactive map. Navigate through the list to find contact information, property details, and insight into the area (such as the nearest grocery store + hospital).

Things to note

  • This tool is meant to serve as a point of reference (meaning certain providers may not have available units at the time of the search, but potential tenants will be able to contact them for future openings).
  • This tool is not a comprehensive map of all available low-cost housing options in Chattanooga.
  • Currently, the listings provided are those that offer subsidized housing through City of Chattanooga grants (and not many providers who accept housing vouchers).

As the tool is still in its launch phase, the hope is that as more people become aware + use the tool, more providers will want to be listed — resulting in a more comprehensive database.
“It doesn’t matter what the affordable housing supply looks like if those who need it can’t find it,” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “This is another step in the right direction as we continue working toward ensuring that every Chattanoogan can find a place to call home.”