Regional Planning Agency launches Plan Chattanooga survey

Want to weigh in on the future of the city of Chattanooga. Take this survey to share your ideas.

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Help plan the future of Chattanooga by taking this survey.

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Are you interested in the future of Chattanooga? Think: neighborhoods, housing, commercial areas, infrastructure, transportation, parks, etc.

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency (RPA) recently launched Plan Chattanooga — an effort to involve the community in creating detailed plans for the city’s growth and development.

Plan Chattanooga is divided into eight areas:

  • Downtown + North Chattanooga
  • Hixson + Red Bank
  • Historic River-to-Ridge
  • South Chattanooga + Lookout Mountain
  • Lookout Valley
  • Brainerd + East Ridge
  • Highway 58 + Tyner
  • East Brainerd

Note: Plans for Historic River-to-Ridge + East Brainerd have already been adopted, Plan Chattanooga will create plans for the remaining six.

RPA Director Dan Reuter said these comprehensive plans will think about all parts of growth such as new developments, zoning changes, capital improvements, and conservation + the steps to get there.

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Pinpoint exactly where you want to see improvements in the survey.

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This is where your help is needed. Share your thoughts and ideas with the Plan Chattanooga Survey. This two-part survey asks for your priorities and ideas + allows you to pinpoint feedback on neighborhoods and streets by using an interactive map.

In the mapping portion, folks will be able to identify places within the city that are strong (to be protected, conserved, or copied elsewhere) + places that are weak (need to be improved or changed).

Note: The survey will be open now through Friday, Sept. 15.

Additionally, RPA will host community planning meetings for residents of each area to learn more about the plan. Note: Each meeting will be held at the Development Resource Center at 1250 Market St.

  • Tuesday, Aug. 15 | 6-7. p.m. | All neighborhoods
  • Wednesday, Aug. 16 | 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. | Downtown and North Chattanooga, Hixson and Red Bank, Historic River-to-Ridge, South Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain + Lookout Valley
  • Wednesday, Aug. 16 | 3-4 p.m. | Brainerd and East Ridge, East Brainerd + Highway 58 and Tyner

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Bonus: The RPA is also working with Hamilton County to launch “Our Communities. Our Growth.” — the plan for the county. We’ll be covering these efforts in a future newsletter.