ClearStory Arts, a collaborative artistic community

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The black base of the building will soon be filled with a mural created by a ClearStory artist | Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Located at 1673 S. Holtzclaw Ave. is ClearStory Arts, another artist space you may have heard of but don’t really know of. Not to fear — we’re here to give the deets on the role it plays for both artists + the public, plus a few details on the development next door.


  • The space was once an old yarn dyeing factory during the early 20th century.
  • Back in 2020, many local artists were displaced after the Chattanooga Workspace — which provided studio + collaborative space, and was also home to NOOGAtoday’s former office — was shut down.
  • Several of these displaced artists contacted Miken Development about creating a new artistic workplace.
  • Eventually, the former factory became ClearStory Arts, a collaborative community for local artists (appropriately named thanks to the type of window running throughout the building — Clerestory).

Ok, so what’s up with ClearStory now?

Currently, the space features 40 studios of different sizes that serve various local artists, from DJs to photographers to art therapists. But that’s not all:

  • Many of the artists teach classes from their studios or from the large classroom space, which is also available for public rentals.
  • ClearStory hosts a variety of events; the next will be a pop-up art show + sale taking place April 1-3, followed by an art market on May 7.
  • Because the space also has weekly gallery hours, artists are encouraged to keep a light on in their studios to give visitors an insider look at art in the making. They’re also given hallway space to decorate.
  • Plans for the future include renovating the outdoor space to become a fun spot for artists + visitors to congregate.

And next door?

While it’s unrelated to ClearStory, the space next door is a product of the same developer, who is looking at the entire former factory as a cohesive community.

The “Holtzclaw Lofts” feature work spaces, living spaces, and a few combined work + living spaces. According to ClearStory curator Janneke Fowers, many of the artists are hoping that part of the development — the particular spot they’re eyeing is a bigger space — will become a coffee shop. 👀

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