Answered: Where would you film a scary movie in Chattanooga?

We asked you all to imagine a local version of your favorite horror movie, and let us know where it would be filmed — here’s what some of our readers and followers said.

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Calling all scream queens and horror buffs.

We asked where would you film a scary movie in the Scenic City + our horror-lovin’ readers and followers did not disappoint. Here are some of our favorite film locations.

“The old Alexian Brothers Hotel on Signal Mountain.” — Tammy L.

“Coolidge Park Carousel.” — Janna W.

“McClellan Island during a flooding storm while camping at night and boat out of order.” — Stephen D.

“Rock city......the Fairy Land story figures come to life.” — Molly W.

“The Yellow Deli has a legit ‘Get Out’ scheme going on.” — @andy.doing.things

“Lots of good answers but the bunkers in Enterprise South are #1" — @licensetotill

“Umm. Me. Film at me.” — @beasleycastle

Many of you shared the same ideas. Now the question is, who’s gonna make a film location happen? We’re looking at you The Read House, Ruby Falls + Rock City, underground Chattanooga, and Chickamauga Battlefield.

Bonus: Check out more responses from our Instagram + Facebook followers.

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