Answered: What mood would be on Chattanooga’s Spotify daylist?

We asked you all to help us create a Chattanooga-inspired daylist — now, it’s time to set the mood right with these folk tunes.

NOOGAtoday's Daylist happy mountain folk singing on a blue and yellow background

What mood makes up Chattanooga’s playlist?

Graphic by NOOGAtoday

If you’re a Spotify user, you might have noticed the new feature that generates playlists based off of moods throughout your day, better known as your “daylist.” So, we asked you all to help us create our own for Chattanooga, and you sure didn’t disappoint.

Enter: “happy folk mountain singing” — a playlist inspired by all things the Scenic City, put together with the help of our readers. Let’s spotlight the track list a bit, shall we?

  • “Lookout Mtn. Love” — Chapman Whitted
  • “Rocky Mountain High” — John Denver
  • “The Park” — FAWLEY
  • “Chattanooga” — Nick Sabia
  • “Two Hearts” — Call Me Spinster

Save this playlist for your next walk, hike, or bike ride as you explore the corners of our lil’ mountain city. Want to add your suggestions? Drop the song name + artist our way.

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