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Creative Discovery Museum opens its newest exhibit “UnEarthed”

Check out CDM’s latest exhibit “UnEarthed” featuring hands-on activities + tons of educational opportunities for the kids.

NOOGAtoday | UnEarthed Creative Discovery Museum

The museum’s newest exhibit is now open to the public.

Photo provided by Creative Discovery Museum

Table of Contents

The Creative Discovery Museum has opened the last permanent internal exhibit as part of the Ignite Discovery capital campaign — which has raised $12.5 million for the comprehensive renovation of the museum.

Introducing, “UnEarthed,” a natural science exhibit aimed at “building environmental literary and cultivating respect for the natural world through observation, exploration, and investigation.”

Exhibit highlights

  • “The Dino Dig” | Uncover buried fossils
  • Shake and wind table | Build structures + test its strength in strong wind simulations
  • Augmented reality sandbox | Create mountains and valleys in sand + see how water moves through them
  • Multi-sensory walk | Journey through the interior of a volcano
  • Augmented reality arthropod encounter | See how you can virtually hold arthropods
  • Insect Construction Station | Learn about insects + build 3D replicas

Looking to dig deeper? Visit the museum to check out the exhibit for yourself.

Bonus: The museum has plans to add an outdoor area to this exhibit — featuring a mud kitchen + additional opportunities for nature play — later this year.

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