Exploring Chattanooga through Geocaching

Join in on the world’s largest treasure hunt to explore Chattanooga in a whole new way.

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Calling all adventurers and puzzle-solvers, you might want to give Geocaching a try.

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Hey, Nooga. Are you up for a little adventure? There are hundreds of hidden treasures scattered throughout our region just waiting to be discovered. Want to find them? Here’s how.

Welcome to Geocaching, a GPS coordinate-based game where users hunt for treasures (called “caches”) that are hidden in public places all across the globe. Caches come in all different shapes and sizes + levels of difficulty to find — but are typically hidden in plain sight.

When we say hidden treasure, don’t expect to find gold in the caches. Often the contents are logs to note your find + tradeable knick-knacks, but you may find the occasional cash prize. Pro tip: Bring a pen to sign the log or a small item to trade (think: stickers, key chains, etc.) to keep the fun going.

📲 How to play

  • Step 1 | Download the official Geocaching app
  • Step 2 | Create a free account
  • Step 3 | Select a nearby cache to find
  • Step 4 | Navigate + follow the clues to its location
  • Step 5 | Log your cache once you’ve found it

Note: This is a community-led game, so once you’ve found the cache make sure to put it back where you found it for the next adventurer to find.

NOOGAtoday | geocaching

Here’s a hint for a local cache location.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

📍 Start here

Ready to hunt? We’ve picked out some local beginner-friendly caches for you to find (with some helpful clues).

  • Tantalus | N 35° 02.069 W 085° 16.824 | This cache is located at a small park, look for a small container covered in black duct tape.
  • Cache Coverage You Can Count On | N 35° 04.420 W 085° 19.254 | Drive up the hill past our friends at Local 3, you’ll want to think outside of the box for this one.

Bonus: We left some NOOGAtoday stickers in these spots, so if you find the caches make sure to share your victories with us via email or over on Instagram. Happy hunting, folks.

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